Drilling a borehole

Developing a borehole typically takes two weeks from start to finish. We expect to complete drilling within the first week (although this depends on underlying geological formations and the depth at which we find water – it may take longer depending on the conditions we encounter underground). Finishing all the fine details – including plumbing, water storage tanks, electrical installation and site restoration – is completed in the second week.

  1. Identify the drilling position.

  2. Prepare the site for drilling equipment to be brought in.

  3. Locate and level the drilling rig.

  4. Dig the mud pit, if required.

  5. Begin drilling.

  6. Install steel casing, PVC column and gravel pack.

  7. Install water storage tank/s, taps and valves, as well as electrical systems and pumps.

  8. Fill the water storage tank/s with borehole water and test the system.

  9. Build the manhole and cover.

  10. Rehabilitate the site.

  11. Explain and hand over the system to the client.​